April 19th, 2024
Your Homeowners Dues at work.  
We continue to use the Homeowners Dues for maintenance of our common property as well as infrastructure and capital improvements. 

Maintenance of common areas
The Board received 3 bids to provide maintenance for the next year.  We chose Turfscapes who did our front entrance landscaping last year.  He has extended our plant warranty.   This was a large investment and we want the plants cared for correctly. 

2024 Infrastructure improvements
Unsuccessful attempts were made last  year to repair our sprinkler along the fence line of Hawkins without success.  2 bids were obtained to replace the sprinklers along fence line on Hawkins and repair the sprinkler on the both sides of Fairways Oaks Drive as you enter the neighborhood.  Turfscapes was chosen for this project and work began this week. 

Previous Capital Improvements
2023-Re-Landscaping of Entrance to Fairway Oaks.
2022-replacement of fence with new stained fence along Hawkins Parkway and on Fairway Oaks Drive.

Future planned capital improvements as budget allows
1-Redoing front entrance sign on Fairway Oaks Drive. 
2-Landscaping of Oakmont common area. 
3-Consider stone/brick pillars on fence line on Hawkins Parkway and Fairway Oaks Drive.
Neighborhood lighting
The City of Longview will be doing a reassessment of street lights the week of April 15-19 so that we can have additional street lights possibly installed in our neighborhood. The city worker will be wearing a yellow vest and will be in the neighborhood in the evenings. We wanted to share this information for the safety of our neighbors as well as the city employee.